Vintage + Purple = love

I done this illustration inspired by the colour purple and vintage style.

Cardin purple illustration.jpg


E-commerce awesomeness

My Banner image

My banner image

Arty illustration

Arty illustration

Dress I made

Dress I made

First of all, I would like to say – WOW.

I am very pleased and excited to say that I have finally opened my first online store!  Now I admit I have some editing to do, for example I need to become a better photographer but thats fine because I believe in practice.  For the time being I have only added some jewellery and an illustration to the site but the product line will quickly expand.

Here is the site I am talking about –

There is nothing more fun than crafts and having an online store!

The next chapter.


I would like to announce that finally I am following my bliss and finally I will be opening an commerce store!  When it’s  finished you will know! It is the next chapter in my fashion journey.

So what to except? What will I be selling? I will be selling my hand made jewellery, clothing, hand bags, hair pieces and much more. It’s such an exciting time.

Stay tuned!